Wiener Jüdischer Chor

Website, Webshop & Intranet for a jewish choire

My first project as a freelance webdesigner in 2010 was programming the website for the viennese choire »Wiener Jüdischer Chor«. As the old website looked quite dated, in 2014 I was tasked with creating a completely new website for the choire. I was especially thrilled that this time I was not only responsible for the programming of the site but also for the visual design.

The new website should present the choire to it's diverse audience from all over the world . A more linear navigation was chosen so that users could immediately find interesting concerts like next concerts, videos, pictures as well as CDs and DVDs.

But the real challenging part was creating the »Intranet« for the choire members. Song sheets, statutes and informations for all upcoming events needed to be easy to find for all members. The finished website has only been online for a few weeks but already the feedback from choire members has been overwhelmingly positive.

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