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The first important step in each project is a thorough design phase. Research on users and competitors helps to show problems and solutions. This research leads to mockups and screen designs. By working closely with the client optimal solutions are found and can later be implemented.
Tools: Usability tests, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML prototypes


Current web standards ensure that the site works across multiple platforms. A combination of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP helps achieving modern websites and applications. Additionally, a responsive design approach helps to optimize the project for different screen sizes, from smartphones to big monitors.


Each project is tested on different browsers and devices. Limiting page requests helps to load the site faster. By structuring the content according to HTML5 standards even screen readers can navigate through the content fast and easily.

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Hi. My name is Daniel Stein aka Coding Circus. I am working as a Freelance Webdesigner and Developer in Vienna. I was always fascinated with reading on the screen and hope that through my good work more and more people embrace the web and other digital media.

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